How can an institution get access to ebooks?

Biblioplanet offers a number of access models to ebooks, namely

To get access, please fill out the registration form, download, print and sign our license agreement or contact us at

Is free trial available?

Free trial access is provided for one month. To order the trial for your institution please fill in the registration form or contact us at

What kinds of authentication methods are provided?

Access is IP authorized for unlimited number of concurrent users. Readers are not required to conduct personal registration. However, personal registration enables users to enjoy some additional possibilities such as access to personal account, bookmarks saving, creation of annotation, personal statistics.

Can more than one reader access ebook concurrently?

Yes, each ebook can be accessed by any number of concurrent users.

Is any specific program required to read ebooks?

No, you don’t need to download any program to read ebook.

Is off-campus access provided?

Off campus authentication is available through EZ proxy server. Authorized users should go to the institution’s website, choose the link to platform and insert their library login/password.

Does an institution receive admin account?

Yes, all registered library administrators are provided with access details for the library admin area where they are able to update IP range, upload banner images and download usage statistics.

Are COUNTER-reports available?

COUNTER-reports are available for library administrator in the admin area. It covers the following data:

  • Number of successful titles, requested by month and title within the selected period.
  • Number of successful sections, requested by month and title within the selected period.
  • Number of access denied to content items by months, title and category within the selected period.
  • Number of access denied to content items by months, title and platform within the selected period.

Number of total searches by month and title within the selected period.

How can MARC records be obtained?

MARC records are available for free. Library administrator is provided with the link for MARC records downloading. Individual MARC records are also available on the title level of each publication.

Can ebooks be accessed at mobile devices?

Ebooks are compatible with all kinds of mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

Is it possible to access ebooks through Consortia?

Yes, we work with Consortiums and provide Consortia discounts depending on the chosen model and number of participating institutions.

Is there training material available for ebooks?

Yes, there are training materials and instructions for using ebooks platform in the section. To ask for a specific training please contact us at