Basic Academic Collection

Basic Academic collection is the largest selection of 70 000 authoritative ebooks focused on Humanities and Social Sciences, incorporating Culture, Arts and Religion, Economics, History, Law, Literature and Linguistics titles. As a free addition there is access to Russian encyclopedias, dictionaries, digital maps, fine art illustrations, audiobooks, videomaterials, language tests and other useful information for gaining a deeper understanding of Russia and Russian language. 2000 new titles are added each month, all licensed through direct contracts with copyright holders. Books are stored at the updated platform of University Library Online (

Notable publishers include Direkt-Media, Institut filosofii Rossiiskoi akademii nauk, Nauka, Prosviaschenie, Progress, Izdatel’stvo vostochnoi literatury, Evropa, Mysl’, Ripol Klassik, VLADOS, Finansy I kredit, Novoe izdatel’stvo, Nauka I zhizn’, Iazyki slavianskoi kul’tury, Znak, Aleteia, Flinta, Fizmatlit, Prospekt, Statut, Yuniti-Dana etc.

Acquisition Options:

  • Basic Academic collection is available for annual subscription with IP-range access and unlimited number of simultaneous users. New titles added during your subscription period are available at no additional cost.
  • Annual subscription to the particular subject collections.
  • If you are looking for option of purchase titles with continuing access, read about our Subscription with Evidence Based Selection.