Collection features more than 3000 outstanding titles in law of Russia and other countries supplemented with commentaries to laws and official documents in this filed. Among the publishers, contributed to the research, are Knizhnyi mir, Laboratoriia knigi, Tekhnosfera, Informatsionnyi tsentr UN, Pravo I Demokratiia, Petropolis, Novaia pravovaia kul’tura, Novoe zakonodatel’stvo, etc.

Consists of the following parts:

  • Foreign law
  • Law of the Russian Federation
  • Commentaries to the laws of the Russian Federation
  • History of Russian law
  • Library of the Russian judge
  • Golden fund of the legal thought

The collection is available for annual subscription with IP-range access and unlimited number of simultaneous users. New titles added during your subscription period are available at no additional cost.