About Biblioplanet

Biblioplanet is a joint project of MIPP International, a company with solid experience of bookselling focused primarily on print publications from the Post-Soviet area, and Direkt-Media, the largest aggregator of Russian academic literature.

We encourage transition from print to digital and respond to the growing demand for ebooks from Russia. Therefore we launched Biblioplanet eBooks Service. With 25 years of print book experience we believe that the ebooks available through this partnership cater first of all to the needs of our customers: librarians, students, academics, scientists and research professionals.

Biblioplanet offers above 70 000 authoritative high-quality ebooks on Russian Literature and Linguistics, History, Law, Economics, Social Sciences and Culture.

The ebooks are hosted on University Library Online, e-content platform with English language interface. Additionally, for gaining a deeper understanding of Russia and Russian language, it provides access to:

  • encyclopedias
  • audiobooks
  • maps

This constantly growing and dynamic ebook repository aims to be a good starting point for research.
As a result, the libraries are able to develop their holdings in Russian, Eurasian and Slavic Studies basing on their unique requirements and using flexible models of access and ownership: from annual subscription to pick-and-choose.