Art Catalogue at University Library Online

Direkt-Media company, owner of eng.biblioclub platform, launches a new electronic project Art Catalogue which is a development of World Art Portal.

A new art album is freely available at It contains a collection of hundreds of illustrations upon a certain topic with comments and multimedia materials. The theme of such publications is diverse: art of world countries, eras, genres, trends and personalities.

At the moment around 50 different projects are being planned among which:

  • Work of ancient man
  • Civilizations of the Ancient East
  • Art of Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient World
  • Byzantine Art
  • Old Russian Culture
  • Art of China
  • Art of Japan
  • Australia and Oceania
  • Art of North America
  • Renaissance
  • Gothic Style
  • Romanticism and many others.

The Art Catalogue is interactive and multimedia-oriented. All illustrations are depicted as part of several sections, each of which has an interactive timebase, that allows not only viewing images and descriptions, but also seeing the time of work creation, relating it with the time of other works introduction.