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Welcome to Biblioplanet, a pioneering ebooks service
for Slavic and Eurasian studies libraries

Biblioplanet, a pioneering service for Slavic and Eurasian studies libraries, announces a SPECIAL OFFER.

Get a 1-year free subscription to Art Portal upon subscription to BiblioPlanet.***

Art Portal is a new project for art researchers. It provides access to high-resolution images of works of art. Here you will find not only copies of works of art, but also extensive information about architecture, painting, graphics and arts and crafts, world heritage sites.

There are several information modules included in Art Portal.

In the Art Textbook the authors in a simple and accessible language talk about such capacious concepts as artistic styles and directions; about their appearance, development, about the great masters who worked in these styles, about the greatest masterpieces created in different eras.

A user can find biographies of outstanding masters of painting, sculpture and architecture, which will tell about their life and periods of creativity. They will help to understand what influenced their formation and development of artistic talent.

Another information block is devoted to museums of the world. Here a user can get acquainted with the history of creating a collection of a museum, find out interesting details about patrons, masterpieces, artists and much more.

You are welcome to send your requests or questions to or fill out the form on the Subscription page .

*** Special offer is valid till January 1, 2020 and covers the following subscription options: Subscription, Subscription with Evidence Based Selection.


Direkt-Media company, owner of eng.biblioclub platform, launches a new electronic project Art Catalogue which is a development of World Art Portal.

A new art album is freely available at It contains a collection of hundreds of illustrations upon a certain topic with comments and multimedia materials. The theme of such publications is diverse: art of world countries, eras, genres, trends and personalities.